My Doctoral Journey

Let’s talk real success.


Find success working for yourself while you study. Let me tell you how!

Are you a high-energy leader who is driven to principal companies from periods of change and challenge through to profitable growth? Can you champion solutions with strategic innovation, smart results, and urgency across every level of the organization? If this is you, why are you looking for a job? Everyday outstanding leaders are stepping out of the norm and enveloping the ideas of tomorrow by launching their own careers. With the ability to energize teams through hands on engagement and exemplary communication, anyone can focus productivity, building a company that launches the dreams of their family, friends, and community. Brilliant customer relations are an important aspect by the key is the strategy, design and launch.

We are all strategists with keen abilities to capture opportunities and launch stellar projects! In my blog post today, I want to discuss launching your next great idea, without a single expense to you. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet you really do not need to come out of pocket to find your wallet and family benefit from your great idea. So, let me very briefly give you some insight as to how you can make more time for your family, studies, and play. Would you be surprised if I told you that launching a business is very similar to writing your dissertation?

Step 1: Identify the Gap.

In the first step of creating the next great company, you need to identify the gap. This is very similar to the doctoral research and master’s research of identifying a gap in literature, except this time you are identifying a gap in reality. Interestingly enough, in my current home city we desperately need a great many services, from food delivery to marketing alliance groups. What is your local need? You really want to identify something you can manage and have interest in.


Step 2: Identify the workforce.

Do you know what an independent contractor is? If so, I hope you see where this is going and I look forward to hearing about your success. If not, an independent contractor is the perfect solution to someone wanting to start a great company without coming out of pocket for insurance, wages, and workman’s comp insurance. As a business owner, you will need to get good at researching opportunity, so get after this one as soon as you finish reading step 3.


Step 3: Social Media to the rescue!

Did you know that craigslist, Indeed, and Facebook are all great FREE resources where you can run help wanted ads, business ads, and start to build a following? Social media is changing the game! Gone are the days when you must have money to invest to make money. Today is a new day- get out there and be brilliant and profitable just as you have always dreamed of being.


Yep- three steps. Plus, I will throw in the biggest secret to success right here. Belief in your ability to accomplish what you set out to achieve. This is really no different than your education program. I won’t tell you that it is always easy, but I will tell you that I build my companies in less time every week than I study. Yep- Truth. Now, get out there and do it. No one is stopping you. With the internet, you really have no excuse not to succeed.#My Life (2)

And as always, if you want to discuss your future with me. Reach out!


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