My Doctoral Journey

Introducing my family


So, this incredibly handsome dude, looking exhausted with me is my man and partner in all life’s hustle, Jeff. He is a trooper to say the least. I am one of the most dedicated, determined, and motivated people you will ever meet. My schedule is insane, and this guy right here, he makes it possible. He is funny, energetic, my best friend, and my greatest support.

We hustle. What do I mean by that? Exactly what I said. We are grinding daily for our success. In our home there is no back seat for dreams. We go after them with a fierceness. Example the photo provided shows us driving from Oregon to Phoenix, why because there was stuff along the way we wanted to check out. Opportunity called and we jumped in!


Meet the little Quigley’s. These guys are in Beast-mode constantly. They are our driving force and guiding lights. My oldest K.Lashe is a model, aspiring author, and producer. If you follow me on my social media accounts, you can watch my beautiful daughter conquer each of her life’s goals like a champ.

My two youngest ones are little YouTube stars, although I don’t promote them yet- They have a plan. That makes me so happy, So, for my star leading little one’s stay tuned, we are down to days before I start promoting their channel. I can’t wait!


Promote Success

Then there is my business family. Where I work with Rupert Cheek of Cheeky promos out of the UK. He’s a brilliant promoter that works with musicians. You can look into Rupert’s work here:

Rupert and I do the ConstantlyCheeky YouTube web-series together ! He is positively fantastic. Together we are able to provide our artists a phenomenal reach. Together Rupert and I work hard to maximize the growth, visibility, and reach of the social media advertising and communications of our artists. If you are looking for a promoter, Rupert has my recommendation.



Mihai HOOM is the founding partner to Power Music Promotions and a wickedly talented digital artist. We call him the Brand Evangelist and he has earned it. Power Music Promotions is a fantastic company. We are the digital design aspect of promotional agreements. We create visually captivating social media ads, promotional designs, tours, tickets, and more.  The recommendation for digital art goes to Power Music Promotions out of Eugene, Oregon and maybe HOOM or I will design your next social media posts- tour- posters- and more!


And together we are


Then there is Rick Johnson of Haus2o, LLC and Johnson Family Boat Building. He’s more than a partner in business, he is a father figure to me, a mentor, and a guiding light to life. He is the Master Boat Builder of Johnson Family Boat Building and designer of The Gypsy Rose. The talent in his little finger could cure a world disparity, I am sure. Rick Johnson dreamed of creating a fleet of boat house hotels that he could maintain throughout his retirement. This year we are building a sister to the Gypsy Rose. We are an award winning hotel along the Oregon Coast, tucked into the Yaquina Bay. 2



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