Another Day in a Cheeky Realm 

It has been a while since I’ve checked into my blog. And for that I apologize. I have been busy enjoying life, and then busy still. The new price Rubin website is up, and I am enjoying every moment of every day representing some of the most profound artists I’ve ever met in their online presence. If you’re interested in my work you can look at it at http://www.PriceRubin.com

My teams have changed drastically over this last month. Constantly cheeky is still and will always remain constantly cheeky a support group for aspiring artists and successful business Minds willing to assist. Power music promotions is officially closing down. Our team experience the Pains of growth, and we decided to Branch the company off into two separate organizations, in order to maximize the efficiency of our work. One is Jackie Price marketing. To view this you go to ww.w. JackiePricemarketing.com

The other I will introduce shortly. I am so excited to see you here and to have your support.
In my doctoral journey I have had the last month off. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t been checking into my WordPress as often as I should. In my mind this is an extension of my doctoral Journey. Another very valid reason , is that this last month was the month that I learned my mother was passing last year. In a way I feel like I’ve kind of reclused. I guess we all grieve in our own way. My way just tends to be a little more Inward and less social. 

This blog is an extension of my academic Pursuits and the roadmap for anyone who wants to learn more about what is required of them as a student at the doctoral level. Since the last month I was not active in class, I apologize I wasn’t active here either.

So I start class again on Tuesday. I wanted to check in so the world knew I was still breathing.

On Tuesday I’ll check in again and give the world to run down on my next class, hint it’s statistics. I look forward to seeing you there.


Let’s Discuss ReverbNation

So many exciting developments are occurring for the ConstantlyCheeky Networking group. This week we are discussing ReverbNation from neutral standpoints reviewing the bloggers, stats, and experience we have with the social and media platform.

The most exciting update is that ConstantlyCheeky has arranged an artist interview with the immeasurable talents of Catherine Corelli, the Metalcore Queen, release date July 13, 2017. Catherine will also discuss her experience with ReverbNation which will provide a great follow-up for this week’s topic! We hope you join us, Catherine Corelli Rocks both literally and figuratively! We are elated for this wonderful engagement and some exciting announcements for her fans!



An Interview with Catherine Corelli


Join us for the highly anticipated interview with Catherine Corelli, Her ability and eye for creative expression are the highlights for artistic and innovative talent. The Interview Releases 1 day before her newest album I Alice Severance releases along with her new website.
World here it is: The Queen of MetalCore Catherine Corelli in an Exclusive interview with Constance Quigley of ConstantlyCheeky! Everyday our network grows greater and every interview provides real life insights to the life, dreams, and challenges of artists!


The Networking Group, Continued

Welcome to ConstantlyCheeky the weekly webisode series focused on artist and operational growth in the 21 century. Hosted by Rupert Cheek and Constance Quigley, @Constantlycheeky is a networking group focused on Growth, Business, and Promotions for artist development at every level. So join us this week as we introduce our Mighty Network and ask you to join our team of movers and shakers.



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Haha, now that’s a network.

My Doctoral Journey

Week One Org\716

1The first week is complete. Wow! I have had a day to breathe, where my academics are considered. So week one is another week heavy in reading. The requirements include five chapters of text. Do not look at me that way, it was a light week in reading course text… It was the research that equates to several more. Week one I completed three dissertations covering the topics of generational differences, convergences, and workplace productivity. I apologize for the heavy over generalization but, I am just learning to read these literary artworks with any level of confidence.

So it was in the first chapter that I worked diligently to fine-tuned my understanding of organization in organizations. There are clear and practical ties to organization and its relation to success and in that, I realized that I would really enjoy this class. So I kicked back, enjoyed some organic coffee and warm pj’s.

It is always exciting when your coursework pairs you with a  talented author. I have been very lucky in my classes thus far. The reading easily allowed me to feel relaxed and comfortable as I indulged in the leadership guidance. The entire chapter offers direct relevancy to my current operational growth.


For those who follow me, growth this week was insane. Perhaps as a tribute to success I should have gotten a tattoo. I am a talented designer and one of my dearest friends is an amazing digital artist (Mihai HOOM).

 I have so much brilliant news. My network is growing, so we launched a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ConstantlyCheeky 



We published a new website: http://www.powrmusic.com !


We launched Michael Egleton’s blog, which is brilliant and fun. http://www.MichaelEgleton.com 


The Gypsy released her next contest: http://www.Haus2o.com 


We made several industry connections and even got to have normal and casual conversations with artists we admire. That is intense, I get excited realizing how comfortable and human the whole situation is. We got 2 new team members!

Greenwald (2008) defined the organization as a process in which people shared understandings and agreements productively accomplishing the goal. My organizations and groups are doing big things! And in truth, many, at the same time. This is exciting and terrifying!

Why? you ask incredulously…. The answer is strange but true. I have worked hard to be here. I have dedicated years to development, self reflection, growth, application, and evaluation. Growth can easily equate to mismanaged organization in the structure. Which could further compound smaller issues. Further complications are added when you remember that many of my groups are multinational collaborations, which means we must organize everything, including time itself.

This week was full of gives and takes. I had to drop a few projects and increase my commitment to to others.

I am elated. This week’s readings played directly into my own organizational development. Chapter 3 reminded me of a fundamental trait of transformational leadership- the engagement and inclusion of staff. Our teams pulled together in a huge way this week. If you haven’t connected to my social media yet, do so and watch my team work. We are literally leaving the windows and doors open for collaboration and learning. My teams are brilliant and dedicated people who really drive the success of our work. Without them, I am just a smart girl with dreams. It is with my teams that I evolve into a business leader and influencer.

My mom used to tell me that “you cant be a leader if no one will follow you; Then you’re just a bossy person demanding attention”.

Greenwald (2008) stated that people are not programmable. This encouraged me to think beyond the box and bring my team back to the table for organizational strategy to ensure our progressive development and success. My team, being the brilliant people they are, did just that. They pulled us through the week and ahead of schedule (as long as you were not discussing my constantlycheeky video). 

During the weekend my computer updated. Something went wrong and I had to system restore to the beginning of “happy-tops” time. Needless to say I posted my technological nightmare to Facebook, it’s funny- you’d laugh.

Overall my applied statement this week is I am learning to balance the pressures of academia and entrepreneurship to leverage developmental growth. It is through the continual reminder of the doctoral demeanor’s commitment to leadership, authenticity, academia, ethics, and humility that I am uncovering and displaying the leader I have trained to become.


“Organization is one of humankind’s basic survival skills”

                                                                                                            – Greenwald, 2008, p. 5



Greenwald, H. P. (2008). Organizations: Management without control.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.