My Doctoral Journey

Week One Org\716

1The first week is complete. Wow! I have had a day to breathe, where my academics are considered. So week one is another week heavy in reading. The requirements include five chapters of text. Do not look at me that way, it was a light week in reading course text… It was the research that equates to several more. Week one I completed three dissertations covering the topics of generational differences, convergences, and workplace productivity. I apologize for the heavy over generalization but, I am just learning to read these literary artworks with any level of confidence.

So it was in the first chapter that I worked diligently to fine-tuned my understanding of organization in organizations. There are clear and practical ties to organization and its relation to success and in that, I realized that I would really enjoy this class. So I kicked back, enjoyed some organic coffee and warm pj’s.

It is always exciting when your coursework pairs you with a  talented author. I have been very lucky in my classes thus far. The reading easily allowed me to feel relaxed and comfortable as I indulged in the leadership guidance. The entire chapter offers direct relevancy to my current operational growth.


For those who follow me, growth this week was insane. Perhaps as a tribute to success I should have gotten a tattoo. I am a talented designer and one of my dearest friends is an amazing digital artist (Mihai HOOM).

 I have so much brilliant news. My network is growing, so we launched a Facebook page: 



We published a new website: !


We launched Michael Egleton’s blog, which is brilliant and fun. 


The Gypsy released her next contest: 


We made several industry connections and even got to have normal and casual conversations with artists we admire. That is intense, I get excited realizing how comfortable and human the whole situation is. We got 2 new team members!

Greenwald (2008) defined the organization as a process in which people shared understandings and agreements productively accomplishing the goal. My organizations and groups are doing big things! And in truth, many, at the same time. This is exciting and terrifying!

Why? you ask incredulously…. The answer is strange but true. I have worked hard to be here. I have dedicated years to development, self reflection, growth, application, and evaluation. Growth can easily equate to mismanaged organization in the structure. Which could further compound smaller issues. Further complications are added when you remember that many of my groups are multinational collaborations, which means we must organize everything, including time itself.

This week was full of gives and takes. I had to drop a few projects and increase my commitment to to others.

I am elated. This week’s readings played directly into my own organizational development. Chapter 3 reminded me of a fundamental trait of transformational leadership- the engagement and inclusion of staff. Our teams pulled together in a huge way this week. If you haven’t connected to my social media yet, do so and watch my team work. We are literally leaving the windows and doors open for collaboration and learning. My teams are brilliant and dedicated people who really drive the success of our work. Without them, I am just a smart girl with dreams. It is with my teams that I evolve into a business leader and influencer.

My mom used to tell me that “you cant be a leader if no one will follow you; Then you’re just a bossy person demanding attention”.

Greenwald (2008) stated that people are not programmable. This encouraged me to think beyond the box and bring my team back to the table for organizational strategy to ensure our progressive development and success. My team, being the brilliant people they are, did just that. They pulled us through the week and ahead of schedule (as long as you were not discussing my constantlycheeky video). 

During the weekend my computer updated. Something went wrong and I had to system restore to the beginning of “happy-tops” time. Needless to say I posted my technological nightmare to Facebook, it’s funny- you’d laugh.

Overall my applied statement this week is I am learning to balance the pressures of academia and entrepreneurship to leverage developmental growth. It is through the continual reminder of the doctoral demeanor’s commitment to leadership, authenticity, academia, ethics, and humility that I am uncovering and displaying the leader I have trained to become.


“Organization is one of humankind’s basic survival skills”

                                                                                                            – Greenwald, 2008, p. 5



Greenwald, H. P. (2008). Organizations: Management without control.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

My Doctoral Journey

I need coffee. I’m starting ORG/716

1Now I am in the thick of it. And I am not discussing the wonderful Greek or Turkish coffees, that delight one’s mind and provide a serious pick me up. Although, that would be fantastic. I am discussing the appropriate paradigms to guide organizational research.
ORG/716 Organizational Theory and Design. This is my next course. I am excited because it is a research focused course. In this course, doctorate students will learn preparation to analysis, selecting paradigms to guide professional organizational research.  I love research, it is my specialty, and it is exciting to delve deeper into the research involved with constructing a dissertation.
For the aspiring student or prepared student, this post will briefly discuss the course, its expectations, and academic potential. This course is focused on the enrichment of existing research models and the development of new models, to systematically increase organizational performance and efficiency.

As a University of Phoenix student, or aspiring student, the competencies of a course matter. They show what and how you will develop as a student throughout the course. The competencies students’ expect to gain from Organizational Theory and Design are:

The ability to analyze organizational strategies including the ability to determine the most effective methods for organizational and operational design (a). Students will gain the ability to differentiate across the systems paradigms, the roles of power and communication (a). The students will evaluate the impact of power and communication on the productivity levels and organizational efficiency (a). Students can expect to explore trends in organizational theories and in a historical context, exploring the emergence of trends throughout history (a). The student will examine the influence of modern organizational development behaviors to lead organizational research, exploring the interactions between the structure and cultural relationships (a).

The competencies lead the student full circle with the application of the paradigms of thinking into the scholar-practitioner-leader model. The student will apply this thinking to advance organizational challenges and research (a). In the conclusion of the competencies the University student will determine the role and vital relationship of ethics in operations, theory, design, and growth (a).

2So what does it all mean? Glad you asked.

ORG/716 Organizational Theory and Design is an eight week course in the University of Phoenix school of Advanced Studies. It examines the organizational models and their relationships with ethics, communication, power, and trends to determine the best operational efficiency from concept design through to growth stages of operations. There is a strong development in the students’ ability to create and analyze operational strategy from the in-depth consideration and theoretical design of operational success.

In a sentence, The students will use analysis, evaluation, and synthesis to identify and establish the behaviors and relationships of operational success.

We are learning the behavior of successful operations for organizational growth.


#WeRise.pngSo, here I go, off to class. Today is day one. I will document the next eight weeks of this course and my professional growth so you can join me on my doctoral journey!


University of Phoenix (a), (2017). ORG/716 Organizational theory and design. Required Reading University of Phoenix, ORG/716 website.


My Doctoral Journey

Let’s play catch up.

Constance Quigley.So here I am, with two weeks off, and would you believe that equates to none. What makes this even more humorous is that 50% of my work is in the hospitality and luxury vacation business. So how does this happen?… Please, let me explain.

I have two weeks off between class but that hardly represents time off. The world waits in anticipation, what will Connie do with all this free time? The drums lead in a dramatic march, eluding to the heavy weight of her answer… Here she is, here I am, and my answer.

I have been catching up.

I don’t have a crazy following yet, but I include the yet, because I am an impossibly hopeful person. The last two weeks, I have been crazy busy. So much so that I have been slacking in my blogger responsibilities and many others for that matter. However there is a silver lining, I did mention my impossible hopeful nature correct? I have been going full beast-mode in business, and it feels amazing.

In truth, I feel awful that I have slacked elsewhere, but there is always a good reason with me. In fact, generally there are many. So, lets get the ball rolling so you can all see what I have been up to.


Let’s start with ConstantyCheeky because that is a fast growing project! In two weeks, Rupert and I created, produced, and launched 4 new web-series episodes. That is always great fun. We are also expanding to include Artist interviews, with exclusive discussions with global talents from every genre. I have been busy on the phone and Skype arranging interviews and discussing Social Media platform launches. I would definitely advise people tune in. Beyond the free information and fun discussions, Rupert and I are really trying to show creative transparency so others can grow with us.

2Cheeky Promos and I are working closely with profound artists and groups. I am very excited to be discussing that growth, however for now, stay tuned. Working with Power Music Promotions both companies are working behind the scenes the last two weeks developing some really inspiring graphics. These graphic are spoken for, but we expect the launch to be the biggest strategy to date! We are moving up the ladder and dreaming of great success. I will be releasing some of the advertisements publicly in the coming weeks to promote the artists and their events.


The Gypsy Rose, the luxury hotel on the Yaqunia Bay. The Gypsy Rose has had an exciting two weeks, going through her summer beautification. She got a new bench and a stunning new coat of paint- or six! She is sailing into her biggest season with this summer having dates booked as far back as 2014! That is exciting. In the Johnson Family Boat Building shop The Gypsy’s sister: yet to be named is under construction. That means next year we will have two hotels!


The Teak Lady Society is developing an organized data base where each Teak Lady can be researched by file. This will profoundly impact the accessibility of the Teak Lady’s historical archives, further preserving their history. To be honest, I am about 40 hours into the digital data base. I want it completed before I start my next class for obvious reasons.

4Marketing… marketing… marketing. From Country to deep soulful music I have had some really amazing work the past two weeks. The rest of my time, I have been connecting with my network, plugging in my advertisements, and loving my time with my family.

My Doctoral Journey

Introducing my family


So, this incredibly handsome dude, looking exhausted with me is my man and partner in all life’s hustle, Jeff. He is a trooper to say the least. I am one of the most dedicated, determined, and motivated people you will ever meet. My schedule is insane, and this guy right here, he makes it possible. He is funny, energetic, my best friend, and my greatest support.

We hustle. What do I mean by that? Exactly what I said. We are grinding daily for our success. In our home there is no back seat for dreams. We go after them with a fierceness. Example the photo provided shows us driving from Oregon to Phoenix, why because there was stuff along the way we wanted to check out. Opportunity called and we jumped in!


Meet the little Quigley’s. These guys are in Beast-mode constantly. They are our driving force and guiding lights. My oldest K.Lashe is a model, aspiring author, and producer. If you follow me on my social media accounts, you can watch my beautiful daughter conquer each of her life’s goals like a champ.

My two youngest ones are little YouTube stars, although I don’t promote them yet- They have a plan. That makes me so happy, So, for my star leading little one’s stay tuned, we are down to days before I start promoting their channel. I can’t wait!


Promote Success

Then there is my business family. Where I work with Rupert Cheek of Cheeky promos out of the UK. He’s a brilliant promoter that works with musicians. You can look into Rupert’s work here:

Rupert and I do the ConstantlyCheeky YouTube web-series together ! He is positively fantastic. Together we are able to provide our artists a phenomenal reach. Together Rupert and I work hard to maximize the growth, visibility, and reach of the social media advertising and communications of our artists. If you are looking for a promoter, Rupert has my recommendation.



Mihai HOOM is the founding partner to Power Music Promotions and a wickedly talented digital artist. We call him the Brand Evangelist and he has earned it. Power Music Promotions is a fantastic company. We are the digital design aspect of promotional agreements. We create visually captivating social media ads, promotional designs, tours, tickets, and more.  The recommendation for digital art goes to Power Music Promotions out of Eugene, Oregon and maybe HOOM or I will design your next social media posts- tour- posters- and more!


And together we are


Then there is Rick Johnson of Haus2o, LLC and Johnson Family Boat Building. He’s more than a partner in business, he is a father figure to me, a mentor, and a guiding light to life. He is the Master Boat Builder of Johnson Family Boat Building and designer of The Gypsy Rose. The talent in his little finger could cure a world disparity, I am sure. Rick Johnson dreamed of creating a fleet of boat house hotels that he could maintain throughout his retirement. This year we are building a sister to the Gypsy Rose. We are an award winning hotel along the Oregon Coast, tucked into the Yaquina Bay. 2


My Doctoral Journey

Leadership and Progress Development

Welcome to the Doctoral JourneyThe Leadership I reflect mirrors the SPL model, in that it is only through continual application and practice that the doctoral student or leader can rise to the demeanor that balances confidence, competence, and achievement with the humility that stems from continuous learning (University of Phoenix (a), 2016). The month I entered my doctorate program, was also the same month my mother lost her battle to cancer. My mother was always my greatest support and when no one else understood why I continued to pursue more and more challenging studies, she would cheer me on. My life was far from perfect and my mother and I did not always agree on everything, but education was different. Academics were special, it was something we shared. The love of learning, the smell of a new book, the feeling of mastering a subject… these were the moments I lived for. These were the moments she lived for. Education was a passion we shared. After she passed, I was introduced to the doctoral demeanor and its subsequent expectations. I was introduced to the SPL model. And what I did not understand at the time, was I was already displaying key aspects of the SPL model.

1Progressive Development

When you think progressive development, many people think of grit, operational growth, or overcoming a grand challenge. At this time of my life, breathing was my progressive development. I still remember and get, the sharp pain in my throat as the anxiety builds and I remember that my life is different, that my mom is gone. It feels so personal. It feels so final. And at great lengths of time progressive development is the ability to draw your next breath without screaming.

The moment I felt the coursework was advancing me as a scholar was in DOC/700, and the research of information literacy. Russell (2009), asserted the most valuable ability for the researcher is to gain a variety of information sources to explore and build upon using conceptual frameworks. I am taking the first steps required to gain a foundational understanding of leadership so that I may lead with grace, compassion, and love.

I was finding memories of the best parts of my mother in my coursework. Even though she was gone from this world, our passion was still being shared. I became motivated. Jung & Sosik (2002) asserted that transformational leaders motivate followers with greater expectations that result in advanced standards of performance.

In LDR/711, I developed as a writer and learned to display my natural service and human orientation in my authentic leadership further developing and adapting social responsibility into my professional and academic pursuits. I mirror the leadership style of Lao Tzu, where like water, the leader is selfless, fluid and responsive (Greenleaf, 1995).  I was raised on a leadership, I do not see represented in the texts held within the University library. Many tribes represent the western hierarchy of modern wisdom, but some, such as my own reject the hierarchy as it stands and have a supportive, collaborative, and intuitive leadership style that functions in the feminine energies of nurture and nourish. I share the ideals of Du Bois in that I am accountable and responsible for my culture, people, and community. Du Bois’ focus on academic welfare and community growth resonates with my leadership structure. Academia is also a requirement of my own leadership and includes learning beyond the classroom. I do not follow traditional western leadership styles, as intuition, meditation, and seeking a comprehensive understanding beyond the material has been a part of my life long education and culture.

The collaborative function of the residency provided a brilliant learning opportunity, that challenged cultural boundaries, maximized peer engagement, and formed true bonds with peers. Residency 1 was such a profound experience. I got to learn from 1st years and 5th year doctorate students. My evenings were late and my mornings too early, but that is a story for another night.

RES/709 has been my favorite to course because I feel challenged by the work, and motivated to push myself. When I imagined my doctorate program, Research 709 is exactly what I wanted to be learning and engaging with. The research course rounded out the first 6 months of my life without my mother. It was in this class I found myself buried in texts, reading was more intense with a greater focus and purpose. For eight weeks I was driven, focused, determined, and did not cry. I mean I still cried, more than I like to admit, but these tears fell with grace, not pain. These tears fell with the promise of progressive development of the self.

2SPL Model

The SPL model is the representation of Scholarship, Leadership, and Practice (University of Phoenix, 2016). Scholarship for me, is the ability to embrace learning with the objective of gaining the most from every experience. Commitment to one’s education is a lifelong obligation. I intend to discuss with my peers the possibility of developing a critical thinking development group where we can incorporate our synthesis ideas and come together to learn from one another. The literature and peer feedback supports the idea that our critical development could produce reflective development in critical thinking and academic writing.

Instilling the belief to practice perseverance in the face of doubt. I have overcome great challenges in this program and I excelled in the face of each. I am growing beyond the analytical black and white into the realization that intelligence is reshaped and knowledge evolves with the willingness to seek out truth.  In practice, I have found the drive to overcome my situatedness.

Leadership is a daily practice in my life. I incorporate social responsibility into my entrepreneurial endeavors and adapt my leadership to maximize the success of The Gypsy Rose and my other philanthropic and entrepreneurial adventures. Using referent power and authentic leadership will maximize the successful implementation of value-based principles of transactional leadership further developing a foundation for future transformational learning operations. Jung & Sosik (2002) asserted that transformational leaders motivate followers with greater expectations that result in advanced standards of performance

In concluding, literary competency, was my greatest advancement, it allowed me to understand the wonder of developing academics over time. The world revealed itself a new and I learned how to move with ease through academic literature. My rationale example of leadership is my commitment to my academic frameworks. Leadership is displayed through the implementation of learned concepts and the ability to adapt them. My concepts are developed and woven into the companies I have devoted my life to developing. The mission of the University’s SPL model is to develop leadership that will advance new models that can explain, predict, and increase operational performance (University of Phoenix (b), 2017).  The SPL model recognizes both cognitive and affective domains of learning (University of Phoenix (b), 2017).  I will be evaluating the conceptualization of the SPL model in my personal development in leadership, scholarship, and practice from my ACCESS coursework to date. And as always, I will continue to thrive in this life, to honor my mother, her struggles, her joys, her accomplishments, and mine.



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